Our company develops temperature control systems using thermal energy, alternative energy, energy resource development and thermoelectric semi-conductor, all future core business areas.

We have also developed hydrogen fuel cell inspection equipment for future business ventures, delivering them to Hyundae Motors and Energy Research Center.

We have developed temperature and humidity control systems using new technologies such as thermoelectrics, semi conductors, and heat pipes and delivered them to such multinational semi conductor manufacturing companies as HYNIX and SAMSUNG, as a major manufacturer of temperature inspection equipments. .

We has the goal of 1MK control level with our thermoelectric semi conductor control method and cooling and heating control methods.


Business Sites

  • F1.jpgactory
    • Address:
      731, Daechun-Dong, Dalseo-Gu, Daegu City
    • Area (㎡):
      -. Manufacturing facilities (1,386)
      -. logistics and warehouse (100)
      -. Offices and Research center (528)



  • 1.jpgR&D Center
    • Company affiliated R&D Center was established on Oct 22, 2008
    • Certified with   Korea Industrial Technology Association on Dec 10, 2008
    • R&D center certification Number : 2008310175





Facility type Specification Quantity Remarks
Constant temperature and humidity room 60KW 1 Temperature inspection
Temperature recorder YOKUGAWA 2 Temperature inspection recording
Heat treatment furnace 1KW 1 Heat treatment
LCR Meter LCR-817 1 Precision testing




  • Memory module-based inspection device for temperature-reliability regulation : (Patent No: 10-09163335)
  • Cooling device for memory inspection :   (Application No: 10-2008-0068854)
  • Dew formation preventer for temperature-reliability regulation device :  (Application No: 10-2007-   0096362)
  • Humidity regulator for fuel cell systems and vapor re-circulation : (Application No:10-2009-0020656)
  • Property evaluation device for built-in fuel cell vapor-layer :  Application No:: 10-2009-0020698)
  • Temperature regulation method for semi conductor inspection device : (Application NO: 10-2009-0033913)
  • Unit cell for extreme temperature environmental control and stack performance evaluation device : (Application NO: 10-2009-0053537)
  • Temperature evaluation device for semi conductor ram with closed circulation structure : (Application No:10-2009-0058092)



  • 2009
    • Dec.
      -. Exported products to Hanyang Semi Conductor, China
    • Sep.
      -. Moved to enlarged factory at 731, Daechun-Dong, Dalseo-Gu, Daegu City
    • Jun.
      -. Designated for next generation leading technology research and development by Daegu City
      (Constant precision extreme temperature fuel cell performance evaluation devices using thermoelectric semi-conductors)
    • April.
      -. Certified as ISO9001 / specialized manufacturer for parts and materials (Ministry of Economy and Knowledge (no. 6419
    • Feb.
      -. Certified as technological innovative small and medium  business (INNO-BIZ) (No: 9031-0864)
  • 2008
    • Jan.
      -. Changed company name to LIVINGCARE Co., Ltd / Certified with venture (KIBO NO: 20090100412)
    • Dec.
      -. Company R&D center approved (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
    • Sep.
      -. Registered as a partnership company with Hynix Co., Ltd
    • Jun.
      -. Certified as venture firm No. 20080104681 (KIBO)
    • Mar.
      -. Delivered products to Jungmun electronics (JMI) China corporation
  • 2007
    • Nov.
      -. Delivered products to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd (SESS) China corporation
    • Aug.
      -. Developed Hand sterilization device
    • Jun.
      -. Developed inspection device for SEC RAM reliability
    • Feb.
      -. Developed inspection device for SAMSUNG ELECTRICITY Co., Ltd SOM properties
  • 2006
    • Nov.
      -. Delivered chiller device to Korea Institute of Energy Research
    • Oct.
      -. Developed extreme low temperature chamber with Korea University.
    • Sep.
      -. Developed precision extreme temperature regulations for Korea Institute of Standard Science Research
    • May.
      -. Participated in projects for fuel cell development with Korea Institute of Energy Research
    • Apr.
      -. Developed extreme low temperature control with INHA University
    • Feb.
      -. Developed cold temperature control with KEIMYUNG University
    • Aug.





Business areas

  • Semi Conductor
    • Semi-conductor inspection device development using thermoelectric semi conductors
    • Major customers: Samsung, Hynix, SESS, Hanyoung, Jungmun, etc.
    • Major products: HTC, HTFC, MPTC, PPTC, Automation equipment, Cold Chuck
  • Energy areas
    • Under-development future hydrogen cells
    • Developed hydrogen cell inspection equipment, GDL equipment
    • Major customers : Energy Research Center, Hyundae Motors Co., Ltd
  • Materials
    • Development of next generation thermoelectric semi conductors
    • Developed research center-oriented power generating equipment using thermoelectric element
    • Thermoelectric semi conductors, heat sync and heat pipes
  • Thermoelectric materials and Application parts
    • Development of applications and core parts using thermoelectric semi conductors
    • Dehumidifier and water purifier parts
    • Under implementation of business with Woongjin R&D center